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Testimonial – Bob McChesney

I recommend Colten Adult Care homes to anyone looking for placement of a loved one. I’ve visited them all.  They are very neat, clean and in wonderful neighborhoods The meals are good and the medications are administered in a professional manner. Most importantly, Peter and Jana always have the resident’s needs and concerns at heart. […]

Testimonial – Senior Activities with Heart

Even before working with you both and helping with the activities in your homes we were impressed with the high priority you gave to having an activity director and ongoing activities. In fact, your model was one of the inspirations for our business a couple years later! We were also very pleased to see that your [senior] caregivers worked in shifts as opposed […]

Testimonial – Judy Mangino

My mother is currently living at Colten Adult Care. Before moving there, she lived in a large retirement community because of losing her eyesight. Mother enjoys the personal and friendly atmosphere of the smaller group of people. She says it feels more like home.  The Coltens work very hard at providing this atmosphere by being […]

Testimonial – Scott Fischer, BSN

My first encounter with Colten Adult Care Homes came in 2002 when I was working as a Home Health Nurse for a local home health agency. My case load included seniors who had suffered with different types of dementia and who had been experiencing difficulty with symptoms such as poor sleep, depressed mood, anxiety and […]

Testimonial – Memory Care and More

Finding Sweetwater Place solved a problem we had with the care of our elderly mother who was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s [Disease]. She had been in an assisted living facility in New York State for a few years but I did not think she was adequately cared for. When I learned about the […]

Testimonial – Special Homes for Special People

I felt that I needed to write a letter of thanks to you all. I am Jule’s friend and I am so thankful to you for the wonderful care that she received at Casa Buenavante. The home is beautiful and comfortable and the [senior] caregivers were great! I am a hospice nurse and would highly […]

Testimonial – Parke Hautem

Dear Peter, I would like to share with you some of the decision making factors we considered when placing both of my parents in a [senior] care home. In the case of my Father we needed, quickly, a place for him to live with supervision due to the fact he and my mother could no […]

Testimonial – Ron & Carolyn Brock

Sunday, after we left Mom, Ron & I commented on how pleased we are that we found you. If we had let Virginia continue on the path she was heading down, I can only imagine what her life would be like. She most likely would be in some type of nursing home facility by now. […]

Testimonial – Carolyn Smith, RN

My mother has been a resident at Colten Adult Care for the past year and a half. I explored several other homes for my mother. I found that after my initial impression of the owners Jana & Peter, and observing the [senior] caregivers with the residents and the home itself that this would be the […]